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1. Jordyn Wieber 61.032

2. Aly Raisman 60.832

3. Larisa Iordache 59.332

4. Victoria Moors 56.365

5. Diana Chelaru 56.100

6. Georgia Simpson 54.566

Larisa Iordache

Sarituri: 14.866 (D 5.8)
Paralele: 14.233 (D 6.2)
Barna: 15.400 (D 6.6)
Sol: 14.833 (D 6.1)

Diana Chelaru

Sarituri: 14.500 (D 5.8)
Paralele: 13.200 (D 5.7)
Barna: 14.000 (D 5.8)
Sol: 14.400 (D 5.9)

Larisa a fost fenomenala, iar intr-un concurs oficial clasamentul nu ar fi fost la fel. 😉
Felicitari Pici, esti pe drumul cel bun!

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This Saturday is a very important day in Larisa Iordache’s career.

Maybe the most important yet.

2011’s competitions were supposed to put her on the short list of All Around Olympic favorites.

And they did… but not categorically enough.

Something is still missing.

Last year, Larisa had one big competition and several minor meets, good occasions to test various elements and routine compositions. She won most of the titles in the competitions she went to, aside from the usual uneven bars finals. But unlike most of her team mates in particular and the Romanian gymnasts in general, she had some small successes on uneven bars too.

The European Youth Olympic Festival, the important competition of the year, did not have the expected resonations: Larisa dominated but she did not find in Trabzon a worthy opponent. Her record at EYOF: three gold medals – in all around, on beam and on floor and three silver medals – with the team, on uneven bars and vault.

During 2011, Larisa tested the water on all apparatus.  On vault she juggled with a DTY, and FTY and a Yurchenko 1 ½.  She gradually increased her uneven bars difficulty score from a 5.7 to a 6.2, adding skills like a Shaposhnikova, a stalder with full turn, a giant 1 ½ and by experimenting with various connections. On balance beam she presented routines with difficulty ranging between 6.4 and 6.7 (tried-out an L turn, a double turn, showed a layout to two feet, in practice though) while on floor her D score fluctuated between 5.8 and 6.2 (it depended on her dance elements that sometimes don’t get credited – for instance the quadruple turn). But not even for a second did she seem overwhelmed or unsettled.

She actually looked to be so prepared, so deep, as if she was only beginning to scratch the surface of her unlimited vault of skills, athletic abilities, talent and endurance.

American Cup is a very important meet for this young gymnast, her very first as a senior, and she, more than anyone, goes there to build her reputation. That is why many of us are wondering what routines will she present? Will Larisa approach the competition with caution or is she going to unveil some much-expected new skills?

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O surpriză frumoasă este vestea participării României la AT & T American Cup, o competiție de cupă mondială organizată de Federația Internațională de Gimnastică la New York în 3 martie.
Va fi prima competiție a Larisei la senioare și va avea ocazia să o aibă ca adversară pe campioana mondială absolută de anul trecut, Jordyn Wieber.
Mult succes, Larisa!

Lista de participante în concursul feminin:

USA: Aly Raisman
USA: Jordyn Wieber
Australia: Georgia Simpson
Germania: Lisa Hill
Germania: Nadine Jarosch
Marea Britanie: Rebecca Tunney
România: Diana Chelaru
România: Larisa Iordache

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